About Us

One ingredient comes from Chiang Mai in Thailand, and the other comes from Holland. The first one is called “Odd”. The second one is called ‘Robert’.

Together, this dedicated husband and wife team put their hearts into creating something different.

Robert spent most of his working life in the hospitality industry in many different countries, including many years in South America. What he does not know about food, wines and spirits, would not fill an espresso cup! On top of that, he speaks eight languages, loves meeting people, and is probably the most sociable and welcoming man on the island.

Odd has had a lifelong love affair with cooking, and the passion keeps growing. She adds a spicy Thai and Asian touch to the menu, including a delicious khao soy, the signature dish of Chiang Mai. Even many of the European dishes are her own creation, based on hours of experimentation in her kitchen. Attention please: all recipes are a secret!

Divino Restaurant
Divino Restaurant
Divino Restaurant

Beyond being an excellent restaurant, Robert and Odd set out to make Divino a convivial 'retreat'.

By this, they wanted to make it what it has now happily become: a place to meet with friends, to eat with friends, to make new friends, or to eat by yourself any time, without feeling alone ...

... a corner of the island to escape to for a mid-morning cappuccino and a newspaper from the rack; an afternoon tea with a favourite gateau; or a satisfying bite at any time of day.

To this, they added softly playing guitar music and favourite songs performed by a talented duo in the evening.

The result is a unique blend of friendliness and finesse without frills, or the prices you would normally associate with fine dining.